Six Shirts That You Must Have In Your Wardrobe

Gentlemen, is your wardrobe a cluttered, chaotic mess? You go to pick out something amazing to wear because you’ve got a date with that spicy girl; you reach and you stand there stumped. You throw on your favorite jeans because you always throw on your favorite jeans but when it comes to shirts, yeah, I got 20.

I have identified six specific shirts styles that every guy needs. Once you lock down these six, it’s over. These six shirts cover every outfit and every occasion.

Plain white T-shirt

It doesn’t get any more basic, simple, but timeless. The fabric should be a little bit lighter but not see through and the sleeves should not be too long. Remember tricep exposure but these shirts are the perfect option to wear with a bathing suit, wear with shorts, wear with jeans, with chinos and you’re killing it.

A high-quality polo shirt

Now, notice I said high quality. All right, the fabrics going to be a little bit nicer, right little softer. It doesn’t get those nasty pills that it doesn’t stretch out. Right? The deal is with the polo shirt. I haven’t always loved them.

Anyway, the deal is you can wear it with shorts, you can wear with jeans, leave it out. You can tuck it in. Throw on a nice belt, some loafers, killing it. It’s also business casual perfection.

Short sleeve button-up shirt

A few more details about the short sleeve button up shirt: pay attention to make sure that it is as simple and clean as possible. All right, you don’t want a bunch of pockets. You don’t want a bunch of stuff on the shoulders clean. This way you can wear it both with professional wear as well as casual wear. Make sure that the shirt is not super long covering your crotch. Want to make sure that it is the appropriate length to be worn both tucked and on top.

The Handley

Come on. You know it was making the list it doesn’t get a much more simple masculine appropriate style. You name it the Handley is killing it right. it’s great for wearing in the fall and winter months thrown on with a pair of jeans, Boots, Sneakers and many other choices Hanley brings to the party.

The long sleeve equivalent to the summer short sleeve button up shirt

The shirt should be playful. It should be fun. The fabric should feel good. It should be tailored within an inch of your life. Gentleman, it’s playful. All right.

White tailored dresser

It’s so clean. It’s appropriate everybody. Not everybody needs a white button up dress bangs been a jump into business blue gentlemen. I call it business blow. Because if you are a businessman or not even a businessman, if you have a job essentially you need a blue shirt. Um, it’s just as versatile as the white. It works with grey. It works with charcoal. It works with Brown, who works with blue works with but it coordinates with pretty much everything, check it out, talk it into your jeans, dark wash chinos, khakis, you name it, roll their sleeves, up, boom right casual cool. Now the deal is this color is actually a widespread but it’s a little bit shorter. I designed this one as well.


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