10 Unattractive Things Guys Do That Women Hate

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Have you ever wondered why it seems like some of the most average looking dudes get some of the most beautiful and sassiest senior readers but then some dudes who hit the genetic jackpot, great physique, super tall, muscular, handsome face never seem to have any luck with the ladies?

Truth is it has very little to do with looks but everything to do with the traction.

Gentlemen today I’m going over 10 reasons you are potentially turning her off and don’t even know it.

Acting like a know it all

You might be the smartest dude in the room. And she might be dumb as a rock. But the fact is that if you’re somebody who is always in constantly correcting the person you’re with, or making a point to let them know that, hey, you’re wrong, sweetie. She will be turned off and you will be alone.

Inappropriate bodily

So of course, farting, burping are natural functions. But there is a time and a place in a way to control it so that you’re not so obvious and blatant about it. It shows a little bit of a lack of regard and respect for her.

Overly sensitive

There’s nothing less attractive than a guy that is constantly like all his feelings are some fragile little snowflake. We seeking reassurance getting it set a little, super insignificant things, guys, there is nothing less sexy than a dude who’s super insecure.


Nobody wants to be around somebody who’s cocky, arrogant and full of themselves, always talking about how great they are never really concerned with other people. They’re just concerned about themselves and letting everybody else know how amazing they are.

Poor hygiene

Now, hygiene is all over the board. It includes but it’s not limited to your breath. Your teeth, dirty ears that’s in the cave as the nails and rough hands and let’s not forget sweat rings. Alpha sweating isn’t a hygiene thing. It’s a perspiration thing I can’t control. That is correct. You cannot control sweating. But you can control the evidence with undershirts.

Being a bad listener

This is such a turnoff and that’s the thing. You’re like; I listen, I hear how she keeps talking about stuff that I don’t really care about. It doesn’t matter; you got to act like you’re listening, yeah, really engaging.

Dressing like you’re trying

Too hard everybody knows the guy everybody seen the guy right he’s decked out from head to freaking toe in like crazy style stylish clothing that may be a too young for what he’s going forward be like just crazy expensive. He’s got the latest and greatest and oh my god he thinks it’s like super sexy and oh my god look at him. He looks incredible,┬áHe looks like he’s showing the freak off and he looks like he’s trying too hard which is a turnoff a reason? Turn off your boring.

Being demeaning

Talking down like you think your shit doesn’t stink and everybody else’s does. I’ve got news for you. Yours does as well.

Trying to go too fast with the sex

Slow down, gentlemen. There’s no reason to go super fast. That is one of the biggest turn-offs right expecting sex and thinking that just because you took her out to get a burrito that she owes you something; nothing! she owes you freaking lonely nothing.

So, here’s the deal. You’re amazing. You’re beautiful. You’re super sexy. But if you do these 10 things, you are turning her off like a light.


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