Oscars 2019 Fashion |Awesome Fashionable Moments At The Oscars Awards

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Funny enough, this year’s Oscars due to a lot of controversies was the first-ever, Host-free Academy Awards.

After this great award show that went down very well, we took some time to check out some eye-catching outfits to the Oscars (some pretty cool things we’d like to share with you).

For real, there was no ‘very special moment’ or any specific person who really stole the spotlight (fashion wise). We have put out a couple of exciting fashionable things for you to see today.


The Million Dollar Large Stone Necklace

For those that didn’t notice due to the romantic duet, she and Bradley Cooper performed; Gaga wore a $30 million 128.54 carat Tiffany diamond necklace and didn’t even act like she was with something that costly.

The yellow diamond necklace she wore was discovered in South Africa in 1877, later was displayed at the Chicago World’s Fair in the year 1893, and was adorned Audrey Hepburn’s neck when she promoted “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”


Sparkling Hair Accessory

No matter how simple your dress is, adding a gleaming hair accessory definitely will elevate your look almost immediately. Take a look at this jaw-dropping pic of Rachel Weisz.

She complemented her outfit and hair with a pair of vintage Cartier brooches circa 1903. Absolutely brilliant, ain’t it?


Playing Around With Accent Pieces

Take a clear look at the pic above and tell me it isn’t brilliant. Jason Momoa wore a mauve-pink Fendi scrunchie to match his luxe suit.

Like I usually say, having fun with fashion is the most important fashion rule of all time. Always wear what you are very comfortable and have confidence while rocking them.

Fresher Than Ever Bob

Take a Lil peep at this fresher than ever bob. Since the bob hairstyle is not fading anytime soon, you could take a good peek at this hairstyle to improve yours and make it smarter.

The Pink Dress On The Red Carpet

Due to the impact, the pink color has been making in the fashion world for both dresses and interior decoration; it was quite a brilliant move for celebrities who wore pink outfits to the Oscars.




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