Top Five Tips To Wear the Oversized Trend

A lot recently, everything is looking baggy and big. Right now, the oversized fit is having its moment, worn by favorite celebrities everywhere, sweeping runways and racks all over the world.

As much as you would like to rush into this trend and get yourself a couple of baggy or voluminous shirts, sweaters or any sort of baggy material; you should know, that, the oversized look is more refined than you might think, and it allows you freedom to rock something bigger than average without apology.

We have pointed out top tips that will ensure you still stay fashionable even with the oversized trend. Here are five no-fail tips that will help make the oversized trend work really good for you.

Create Balance

Oversized clothes sometimes can look very overwhelming or sometimes sloppy especially if you’re wearing just the same voluminous outfit from head to toe.

So you do not look like someone that borrowed clothes from someone or like someone with zero fashion sense, make sure you choose one oversized piece at a time, and be sure to wear it with a fitted clothe and not just oversized ones throughout.

This should never skip your mind whenever you think of rocking the oversized trend. You could slip an oversized coat over a sleek turtleneck and leggings; thee outfit then shows you have an idea of what you are doing and are not ignorant.


Seek Structure in Your Oversized Pieces

Be sure to select pieces that are not too large or that are awkwardly hanging off your body and make you look sick. They are meant to flatter you and not make you look ill.

They are called oversized for a reason. They should be above your usual size but should not be too big for you.

Oversized pieces you choose to wear should work with your body structure, that’s designed for your body type and that’s actually large by design.

Take Risks

If you are one who is extremely comfortable in just wearing fitted pieces, the oversized trend could be a means for you to step out, explore, try some new looks and basically take risks.

It really does not need a lot; just a baggy cardigan over your fitted top and skinny jeans would make you look smart as hell.

Show a Hint of Skin

It’s considered a risk generally to wear oversized clothes. No matter your shape, body build or size, baggy outfits can hide your frame and make you look shapeless or give you some weird look. That you can avoid by balancing the fabric with a bit of skin (show some skin).

Slip into a Roomy Blouse

When every other thing fails, make use of a light, airy blouse with a pair of cropped jeans or maybe a mini skirt.



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